Associate professor at VID University. Doctorate from Tavistock: Some Call it Love, Editor, four years, in Fokus på farmilien. Author of both fiction (Novels) and non-fiction). Essayist. 30 year’s experience as family therapist and researcher.

When working with existential health we are approaching essential questions: How do we create meaning, and how to cope with unbearable pain? What kind of resources are available for individuals in such crises, to make meaning, support, heal and conquering pain? For me as a therapist I have questioned and searched for an epistemology which is allowing us to search in-depth for living by the existential questions and to meditate by quotes and texts which is not only belonging too religious texts, but to philosophy and literature.  In this session, I will argue that too much focus has been paid to evidence-based practice and other outcomes-based models. I will provide some reflections concerning what kind of knowledge can provide insight to improve empathic connections with the vulnerable and wounded souls and relationships? Being inspired by Prose; novels, myths, poems and memory work – I will share some thoughts of a need to open up for these texts, not as only inspirations but as a quality and competence in itself, regarding life and therapy. How can a postmodern epistemology reflect our sense that knowledge is multiple, fragmentary, context-dependent and local?