Juha Holma , Ph.D. is Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He is a family therapist, supervisor, and trainer. His dissertation dealt with the treatment of acute psychosis and schizophrenia from a narrative point of view and the psychology of the need-adapted treatment model. He has worked as a group facilitator in the treatment groups for men who have battered their partners, and he is the responsible researcher in a project on group treatment for batterers and on couple treatment in intimate partner violence. 

Huge number of research shows how human rights violations, for example adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner violence, effect on family wellbeing and mental health. Family therapists among other social and health care workers are in a key position to identify and intervene in these violations. I will present results of the study in which the aim was to explore professionals’ processes of making sense of violence interventions and the organisational practices of violence interventions. I will also present results on the research project which explored how intimate partner violence is addressed in couple therapy meetings. Also the use of different conversational practices, and analyse their effects on both partners’ experiences of treatment for intimate partner violence was examined. Results on successful processes regarding batterer intervention programme are presented as well. Meaning making processes of these violations during psychotherapeutic practices will be discussed.