Social program

2h tour around Copenhagen by a local tourguide

You will get a 2h tour around Copenhagen by a local tourguide.

The tourguide is a Young person / adolescence who is living on the edge of society and is struggling with school or other matters. They will show you their own local hood.

You will learn about the tourguides personal story and connection to Copenhagen and experience a different part of the city than you normally see on guided tours.

The guided tour is arranged by PLAY

PLAY is a social-economic company that works with kids, adolescence and their families who have difficulties in their life and are living on the edge of society and not thriving. They are not a part of the normal society like school, jobs or active in their spare time. PLAY┬┤s job is to start a journey with them individually, that build them up personally and socially, and they learn strategies to handle their problems, so they eventually are able to reenter societies many communities. We call that process bridging in to Positive Communities – to School – to Spare Time – Leasure and to the labour market.

The fee for the guided tour is DKK 100 – paid upfront in cash or by MobilePay

Registration is required. Sign up for the tour by emailing