Kristiina Jussila (psychiatric nurse and familytherapist/ OD trainer and Anni Haase (psychologists, individual therapist and OD trainer) Health District of Western Lapland, Psychiatry, Finland

We work and live in north-west Lapland, Finland. Our organization is local health care systems line of psychiatry and we work at outpatient clinics. Our organization is a birth place of Open Dialogue, a way of working, that has been developed here since 80`s. From the very beginning this family- and network oriented work has included free familytherapy training for the whole staff. Research has been done about this way of working along the way and the work has been informed by it. 

Our keynote presentation focuses on our way of working in our services. We also share with you what are the crucial elements of our training. We will reflect the importance of inviting people to see and discover the meaning of relationships. We have understood that some challenges of our time are the hopes for quick solutions and the fact that we spend less time in ”live-relationships” than before. In our every day work we find out again and again , how meaningful it is for us all to find connections with others. To create and deepen relationships. This nourishes us and makes space for hope. We see a big importance in creating safe spaces which enable peoples possibility to see and hear each other and have shared experiences in the network meetings. That gives possibilities for new shared visions and important questions. As we see how the mental health services around the world are building up different efficient systems of care. based on quick diagnosis and quick start of medication, we want remind about a different choice. Quite often the families and networks are not invited to participate these efficient care chains.
One important and inspiring part of our work is that we work in teams and pairs. This way of working creates possibilities for sharing , polyphony and more safety. Safety makes it more possible to tolerate uncertainty together. Worries and joys are shared and creative new ideas might emerge.
We want to highlight the magical moments that can happen between us people when we truly are present and have time and space to see and hear each others. How warmth ,curiosity and caring are essential when going through challenging times and situations together. 

This quote is from our colleague Elina. She was sharing her experiences about our work in correspondence with an Open Dialogue researcher and trainer Judith Brown, who lives in Australia: ”My way is to make paths. Help people find a way to this present moment. I try to give enough space to stay in the past and in the future, even when there are fear and worries. Together in silence, or together excited or being interested in. Together. Those moments are often short, perhaps dialogue is just a trace, it is like something that you can notice, but you can’t view a long time. But those short moments are very powerful, shared.” Elina L Brown et al 2015

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